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Many homeowners and other property owners wait to call a termite control service when they see obvious signs of an infestation, such as tunnels in baseboards and droppings on window sills. That’s not preferable, but we understand. When it does come time to get rid of a large colony of termites, you need to call the top termite control company in Oakland.

We are always ready to give you a free quote, do an inspection and begin to attack your termite problem at its roots. We hope as much as you do that your home is not infested throughout by termites, but if it is, we will handle the invasion with the most modern and safe technology so that you can say bye-bye to bug problems.

You Need Professional Service

True professionals that have been trained to spot termites and kill them with the most precise termite control methods are obligatory for effective termite control. The home kits that you can buy on the Web treat only small areas with limited efficacy. You might, in fact, need to combat termites in a far greater area than you anticipate, because the termites you see might be only the tip of the iceberg. Large colonies of termites often chew at a home’s foundation or in the surrounding yard for years before they get into more public areas to destroy woodwork, all the more reason to enlist termite control methods such as our anti-fumigation treatment. We won’t expose your family to any toxic chemicals, but we will kill your bugs and safeguard your home against future visits from these hungry insects.

Don’t Trust An Imposter

As you examine various termite control companies, bypass the unlicensed and uncertified enterprises that can be found in the phonebook and on the Internet. These renegade companies will do a poor job in your home and not be worth any price, no matter how inexpensive. You need the best termite control in Oakland from a licensed and certified business like us.

We have more than two decades of experience in ridding homes of termites, and our reputation as the top termite control in Oakland has been built on years of proven results and satisfied customers.

Investing in Termite Control

If the cost of termite control causes you to hesitate, consider the wisdom of this relatively small investment. By hiring the finest termite control in Oakland, you will be sure to enjoy years of bug-free living and the protection of your largest asset. You will also be sure to pass future inspections when it comes time to sell your property. Thus, termite control more than pays for itself in the years of protection that it ensures.

Contact us today to fight back against termites and win the battle, both today and tomorrow. For top-flight termite control in Oakland, call or email us no matter how many or how few termites you have seen. We will effectively treat all problems large and small through merciless termite control.

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