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Termites are responsible for over a billion dollars in property damage a year in the United States, more than all fires and floods combined. Termites slowly eat away your home or other property whether old or new, damage is done without you realizing it.

Before investing in termite protection services, check for signs of termite infestation. Look for brown, beige or black droppings around baseboards, window sills and door jams, and brown mud tubes or tunnels. If you discover either of these clues, call Termite Pest Control for an appointment with a Professional Termite Exterminator.

Termite Pest Control practices the latest termite control methods at the best termite control cost. Contact us for the best pest and termite control in the Bay Area.

Termite Pest Control, Inc.
I needed termite and pest control and called Termite Pest Control.  I found their termite control methods and customer service an overal pleasent experience and highly recommend this service to anyone.
Josh P.
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Some General Termite Information
Quite disastrous, termites are considered as some of the most hardworking of insects whose hosts range from some fruit trees, corn, sugarcane, cotton...
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